Savarez 510ARP
Jeu de cordes classique Alliance CANTIGA Premium tension Normale

Savarez Savarez


New product

Jeu de cordes classique Alliance CANTIGA tension Normale 510AR

Alliance Fluoro carbon thinner strings offers a clear sound all over the trebles strings.

Cantiga Premium basses are elaborated with very new raw materials.
Their production lead to develop new machines controled by computers based on new technologies.

14,74 €


MengePreisSie sparen
5 13,27 € Bis zu -7,37 €
12 11,79 € Bis zu -35,38 €
Strings : seriesSavarez Cantiga Premium
Cordes : TensionTension moyenne
Strings : number6 cordes
InstrumentGuitare classique
Strings : Contents1 jeu
Strings : trebles materialCarbone
Bass : core materialNylon

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